Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who? Me?

After needing most of the last month off to deal with the non-stop partying, gift buying, relative visiting extravaganza, Quirky DM is now ready to keep going in 2012. And what a way to start off the year. Look over to your right. I mean, on the computer screen, not in your house. There's a nifty little badge over there from Stuffer Shack, a blog I follow and highly recommend. For January, Stuffer Shack has named Quirky DM as the Favorite Site of the Month!

There's a post here talking all about it. This blog entry is just me being extremely giddy about being included in the Favorite Site of the Month club, as the other favorite sites over the the past months have been pretty great. Tomorrow, I'll be back to a regular schedule again and see if I can live up to the expectations Tourq has placed on me. :)


  1. Way to go. I've really enjoyed your blog. I'm really looking forward to having you DM again; especially now that you are famous ;)

  2. Thanks, Len. Yes, with such recognition I expect to be on the tip of everyone's tongue this month. There's no other excitement going on with D&D, so I'll be the centerpiece of gaming conversation for the entire month and ... hmmm, what's this article? Wait, what? Modular play ... old school ... NYT ... What?! They're announcing what?! Fifth what?!

    Woah. Guess that's my 15 minutes of fame. :) Gotta run and prowl some message boards now.